The Moment I Took My Future Into My Own Hands

by | Nov 18, 2023 | Motivation

I’ve received many incredible awards and recognition, especially over the last few years where I have really leaned into the industry and they are all S000 amazing!

But I have never felt like this. I haven’t stopped smiling since Legacy Nine Realty was officially posted on the NYS Department of Licensing site! I feel free and lightweight. I shouldn’t! I should be stressed and worrying about the next sale and being a huge success but all I can feel is enormous gratitude. Grateful that I get to do a job I love on my own terms. It’s very liberating.

I know there are many eyes waiting and watching for me to fail but they are out of luck! Because I already won! This entire process has been such a growth experience and having the ability to serve my clients in the best way I know how is so exciting and exactly what I am going to (continue to) do!

I have received an incredible amount of support and outpouring of interest in Legacy Nine Realty. I hope to build a company to be proud of, one that I would work for and hire!

So stay tuned for all the exciting details of our agent/brokers, commission packages, marketing packages, social media excitement and all the amazing properties in the Glens Falls and Lake George Region!

You can follow us on our journey on all social media platforms and please share the good news with your family and friends!